Virtual Assistant

Service007 Virtual Assistant provides entire administrative guidance in a streamlined, creative process, and enables management of technical workforce remotely for any business. Service007 virtual PA provides 24/7 support on all business aspects. Virtual assistance is a valuable asset, which keeps business activity on track and helps you attain objectives. Virtual PA allows you to free up your precious time, enabling you to focus and concentrate effectively on what you do best, or even to take time out to do other things. The virtual assistant does what a personal assistant or office administrator would do. Our Virtual Assistant will help you with your work tasks and manage contact center support, managing invoices, replying to emails, online research management, better time management, on deadline submission, and many other.

Virtual Assistant Services
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What can we do for you?
  • Create communication letters, emails, templates and instant quotes
  • Manage and track client payments/declines and recurring charges, and decline
  • Engage in data analysis/management/entry
  • Manage CRM reports, emails, contact information
  • Reminder alerts and scheduling management
  • Content management for social media, blogs, articles, websites and online ad posts
  • Live IM chat support 24/7
  • Administrative assistant