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Executive Summary:

Mobile phones have changed the way we live our lives and the way we shop but have we in fact seen the impact on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) yet? Mobile apps for brands and retailers abound, but for a look in the store and see how many people are using their mobiles. Moreover, if you do see somebody, are And if you see anybody, are they using a shopping-related app, or simply taking related app, or simply taking a call or texting? Mobiles are yet to completely impact FMCGs, as we have been slow to understand where the real opportunity lies for brands.

Challenges that the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry faces

  • FMCG Sector is one of the most booming sectors of the world economy. However, it is also a sector that sees a definite lack of some web applications.
  • In the FMCG industry, it is difficult to hard to manage the supply chain channels and their working schedule without any applications; also Manual entry of day the day-to-day Primary and Secondary orders is very time consume and hard to maintain.
  • Other problems include hard to maintain a history of stocks and not possible to track the sales team performance difficulty to manage the channel-wise target and achievement and so on.
  • Due to all these reasons, this industry needs mobile applications.


  • The Mobile app solution for FMCGs helps companies improve their supply channels’ performance and boosts revenues.
  • Streamlines marketing strategies, distribution channels, and sales forecasting on a powerful and sales forecasting on a powerful technology platform.
  • Enables transformation from a product-centric to a customer-centric organization
  • Drupal, a PHP-based, open-source CMS was deployed to host the content and MySQL database is used to store data in the back end in our web and mobile applications.
  • Develops and implements a standard workflow for authoring and managing the web a standard workflow for authoring and managing the web and mobile application.
  • Automatic notification to clients, executives, and employees.
  • Enhances connections with customers via new technologies like prioritizing human-driven interaction with customers, and moves away from dated mass automation.