End-to-End Account Receivable Solutions for a Leading Finance Company

The Client is one of the leading finance companies in South India with more than 25 branches across the region.


 Needed a one-point solution for account receivable management.

  • The client had an existing ERP system within which the solution needed to be integrated
  • TAT for the entire process needed quick enhancement.
  • Collecting the reports from across various branches and creating an MIS was quite difficult.


  • Customer Broadcast combined the client’s account receivable management system with a flexible collaboration process framework to produce a rich solution using the below Modules:
    • Lead Management
    • Call Management
    • Account tracking Management
    • Report Module
  • Developed a system to capture customer payments and follow up based on the respective call agent/Executive/collection person it is assigned to.
  • Provided the provision for easy tracking of the account receivable at any time point and to view historical information.
  • Developed an effective workflow to support various follow-up stages of the collection process.
  • Developed a well-thought out escalations master to reduce the issue handle time and increase the efficiency.
  • Developed a Geographical master that ensured that the call landed as per the specific language of that region.
  • Designed an account tracking module that managed the receivable details and monitored the historical data.
  • Provided a provision for hand stack with ERP system in a scheduled time manner.
  • Developed a system with provision for real-time activities update.


  • As the client required a system with high accuracy, Customer Broadcast adapted the following approach:
  • Worked on-site with the client to define quality parameters.
  • Worked closely with Client’s stakeholder to improvise its account receivable management system functionality.
  • Evolved as a one-stop solution for end-to-end account receivable management.


  • Reduced overall update delay.
  • Easy tracking of loan account and process.
  • Received accurate information that helped control the receivable process.


Customer Broadcast’s Account Receivable CRM ensured that the overall business efficacy was improved drastically and the process was better managed than before. The communication system was built so effectively that the delay was reduced by over 45%.