Consumers do not differentiate between channels while reaching any company. They just simply need a solution to their problem, no matter which channel they are choosing to be it mobile, text message, social media, etc. The Consumer always wants perfect experience.
The five pitfalls we see FMCG companies encounters;
1. E-Commerce: E-Commerce as a growing channel in several countries adopted by many industries. The question arises whether the opportunity is right in every situation? Not necessarily. A steady growth in the smartphone industry has become a stunt in markets, with high internet retail growth, needing a careful consideration as:

  •  Does E-commerce growth expense significantly to my expense?
  •  Is it right approach seeing every category?
  •  Does these growth drivers leverage or safeguarding the changes?

2. No Assumptions: Making assumptions based on previous events is a mistake we see companies do to forecast channels of their business. The problem with the present approach is that the assumption between variables remain unchanged where current conditions remain static.

3. Never over evaluate your sources and partners.

  • Consumers often tell us about the performance of forecast combining majorly three things. Internal Sales Figure, Team Sales, and syndicated data panel. This combination helps provide an insight by;
  • How we ensure our competitor and distribution landscape?
  • How can we pressurize the tests from partners of vested interest?
  • How do we differentiate in definition coverage methodology to ensure the standard?

4. Product development: Organizations solely inform the distribution team about solid channel forecast, but what about upstream development? If distribution forecasts that stores are the right point for growth and a key driver, that can be a helpful info about the product, increasing the chances of success.

5. Overly complex strategy: For instance, if your directors are having a Sales and Distribution Management plan that is too simple to approach & might not provide them with correct results to move forward.

On the opposite side, if you attempt to triangulate the sources the data set combined market size, channel and economic forecast may fall flat.

The industries can help themselves adapting changes by retailing, identifying growth figuring out the future distribution.