A challenging time for loyalty marketers. Marketers not only wrestle with consumer expectations i.e. technology but are also a part of loyalty marketing world. So, the question arises, how a loyalty program can remain relevant, continuing to deliver a consistency value to their members.

To get the answer, it helps us understand the major challenges faced by the loyalty marketers through mainly three angles; External View i.e. Technology, IFF (Internal Financial Feasibility) and Executive Buy-In operational view.

So, for the correct value proposition is needed for the correct to consumers futuristically.

So, these angles are crucial in success making of the loyalty program as well as delivering a correct value to the customer futuristically.

  • Evoluting Technology & Customer Behaviour

Loyalty marketers all around the world facing similar challenges, with minor changes seeking the region. According to a survey done by the loyalty program managers, marketers wrestle with the fact, that customers are buying online rather than visiting the stores, which is an operational challenge for all the marketers.

  • IFF (Internal Financial Feasibility)

We can notice some similarities among these loyalty program managers that differentiate from region to region determining the correct reward and price levels. A handsome percentage of program managers all over Asia and other parts of the world as reported this as a difficulty.

  • Executive Buy-In

The basic problem occurs in the Executive Buy-In process is, it risks the loyalty programs to a phase of implementation. According to a survey, 40-43 percent North American marketers wrestle with the perception of the customer loyalty program management system as a cost center, where 40 percent of loyalty program managers (LPM) in Asia lack an executive buy-in and support.

These are common challenges being raised from the customer’s side using technology, finance and organizational purchase in concern. So, how you tackle these challenges determines how successful will your programs be in coming days. Significantly, delivering value to customers by increasing engagements, a positive attitude assists loyalty marketers to overcome the situation.